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Have your say at #NEF20

The 28th National Equine Forum, on Thursday 5th March 2020 (#NEF20), used audience participation tool Slido to facilitate interaction with delegates in London, as well as those joining remotely.

Slido can be accessed either via the app (search "Slido" on the Apple Store or Google Play), through the Slido website or through the screen below.

More details on the agenda, including summaries of the presentations, can be found on Slido.  Please see the FAQs section below with details of  how to navigate Slido.

Opening of the 28th National Equine Forum

10.00 Chairman's Opening  Tim Brigstocke MBE


10.05 The Defra View  Lord Gardiner of Kimble, Defra
10.15 Managing infectious disease risks: Recent experiences and thoughts  Dr Richard Newton, Animal Health Trust
10.30 Panel questions  David Mountford, British Horse Council; Dr Richard Newton, Animal Health Trust; Dr Sheila Voas, Scottish Government


10.45 Equestrian access: Critical now and beyond 2026  James Hick, The British Horse Society
10.55 Questions


11.00 Disappearing donkeys: The impact of the donkey skin trade  Ian Cawsey, The Donkey Sanctuary
11.15 Questions

11.20 Our future with horses: A sure thing?  How social licence can help us  Roly Owers, World Horse Welfare
11.35 British racing's Horse Welfare Board: A living example  Dr Barry Johnson, Horse Welfare Board
11.50 Panel questions

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Vice Chair's Opening  Prof Pat Harris


13.05 An introduction to applying behavioural insights  Dr Zac Baynham-Herd, The Behavioural Insights Team
13.20 Can an educational campaign change horse owners' behaviour?  Prof Sarah Freeman, University of Nottingham
13.35 Anthelmintic resistance: An issue of people or parasites  David Rendle, British Equine Veterinary Association
13.50 Taking the lead on equine health  Jude Matthews, British Eventing
13.52 Strangles at Richmond Equestrian Centre: Our duty of care to the equine world  Andrew & Abigail Turnbull, Richmond Equestrian Centre
14.10 Panel questions

14.30 Break


15.00 All set for Tokyio 2020  Tim Hadaway, Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI)
15.20 Tokyo 202: Prepped and ready to fly  Henry Bullen, Peden Bloodstock
15.40 Panel questions


15.50 Multi-agency collaboration in equine welfare cases  Kirsty Withnall, RSPCA Special Operations Unit
16.05 Questions


16.10 Presentation

Closing of the 28th National Equine Forum

16.25 Chairman's Closing  Tim Brigstocke MBE


Please note: The Memorial Lecture at 15.50 is being given by Inspector Kirsty Withnall, from the RSPCA Special Operations unit. The RSPCA is unable to comment on ongoing investigations and have a number of strict procedures to follow, which means that they cannot share any details with the public.


When can questions be submitted?
Questions can be submitted after the event on goes live, on Monday 2nd March 2020.

How do I submit a question?

  • Log into;
  • Go to Q&A (usually the screen you log into);
  • Insert your question under the Q&A heading, in the box where it says "Type your question";
  • TIP: if you are viewing through a browser on a mobile and not through the app, you need to make sure you scroll down the embedded screen - you might only be able to see the National Equine Forum logo;
  • Click "Add label";
  • Select the speaker(s) you would like to answer your question (please see the list of speakers above);
  • TIP: information, including a summary of each presentation, can be found in the agenda on, see below;
  • Click "Send".

How long can my question be?
Questions can be up to 160 characters long.

Can I submit a question anonymously?
No, questions cannot be submitted anonymously.  If a question is used, the name of the person who submitted it will be read out.

Are questions moderated?
Yes, all questions are moderated.

What happens if a question is submitted by more than one person?
The first question on a subject will be accepted, questions received after this will not be published. If your question has not been published, please check those submitted by other delegates to see if there are any similar to yours, and up-vote the question you'd like to see asked. Questions can also be down-voted.

When will you take questions submitted via
We are planning to take the first question in each session from the auditorium, and the second question from  Remaining questions will then be split between the auditorium and  

Will submitted all questions be asked?
No, unfortunately we will not have time to ask all submitted questions. The questions asked at the Forum will be a mixture of those submitted via Slido and those posed from delegates at the venue. NEF20 will stay live on Slido until Sunday 8th March, and from the end of the event on 5th March until 8th March, delegates will be able to continue up-voting and submitting questions. In the following couple of weeks a podcast will be recorded answering a handful of the outstanding questions. Please keep an eye on our website and social media platforms for details of the podcast.

How do I view the agenda?
Click the three lines in the top left hand corner of the screen and use them to navigate to the agenda. When in the agenda click on the down arrow heads to view more information about each session (please note this information will be updated as it is confirmed.  These three lines also give you access to the live streaming (if on the app), and external documents that some speakers will mention.

How do I access a poll?
While the Forum is taking place on Thursday 5th March, switch between the questions (Q&A) and polls at the top of the screen, when applicable.  Polls will only be accessible while they are being used.

Can I access the live streaming whilst on
The live streaming will also be available through the app - if on a PC or laptop you will be able to view it on the left hand side of your screen, if using the app on a phone you can gain access through the menu in the top left corner.