Presided over by HRH The Princess Royal, the National Equine Forum (NEF) has grown and developed since 1992 to become a key annual industry event that now has more than 200 delegates attending from all sectors of the UK equine industry. In 2018, the Forum was live streamed for the first time, extending our audience and providing an international reach; the streaming from both 2018 and 2019 is available on our YouTube Channel.

The NEF is organised by a Committee that reflects the diverse, varied sectors of the equine industry.

Tim Brigstocke MBE (Chairman)
Dr Pat Harris (Vice Chairman)
Dr Georgina Crossman (Administrator)
Sarah Shephard (Hon. Publicity Officer)
Vicky Kangurs (Hon. Secretary)
James Hick
Jane Holderness-Roddam CVO CBE
Beth Maloney
Tullis Matson
Roly Owers OBE
Jan Rogers
Dr Sheila Voas
Claire Williams

The Committee exists to organise each Forum, not to follow up whatever may emerge at the meeting. Where such follow-up action is needed, the Committee try to identify an existing body as the appropriate channel. The Forum is not a threat to any other body and does not seek to usurp their functions. It provides opportunities that can be taken up when participants want or need them.

The Forum's mission is to provide a platform to debate, discuss and inform the industry and to encourage us to speak with one voice on matters affecting the current and future management and wellbeing of the horse.

To host an annual assembly of individuals who reflect every area of the equestrian industry, to hear presentations from experts on diverse and topical aspects of the industry and allow them to share their views.

To address and debate matters that could impact on the equestrian industry, including policy changes, scientific developments and cultural initiatives and bring them to the attention of key decision makers.
To provide a platform for the exchange of opinions, concerns and ideas on all matters relating to the equestrian industry.
To encourage and assist the equestrian industry to take greater responsibility and continuously improve standards, by providing access to the latest information and research.
To enable members of the equestrian industry to communicate with each other and advance subjects of mutual interest to the appropriate authority by the most appropriate means.
To promote the Forum, in an evolutionary manner, into an international arena in order to highlight the excellence of the British equestrian industry, its market for exports and as a vehicle to enhance our international influence on the world stage.

NEF is company limited by guarantee: National Equine Forum Ltd, company number 7545596