Sir Colin Spedding Award Nominations 2020

Gordon Wesley, an all round champion of the equestrian cause, was announced as the winner of the Sir Colin Spedding Award at the National Equine Forum (NEF) on 7th March 2019. This special commendation was given in recognition of his longstanding dedication to many aspects of the equine sector, both home and abroad.  Read more about Gordon being presented with the Award on our News page.

Picture: Gordon Wesley receiving the Sir Colin Spedding Certificate from Dr Georgina Crossman, Administrator, National Equine Forum

To make a nomination for the Sir Colin Spedding Award 2020, please complete the form below.

Nomination checklist

  • Have you listed your nominee’s exceptional qualities and achievements and explained how they are relevant to the equestrian world?
  • Has your nominee won any other awards in recognition of their work in the equestrian world? If so they will not be eligible for the Sir Colin Spedding Award
  • Your nominee can be a person or organisation
  • Multiple nominations for the same person or organisation will not carry additional merit and the shortlist decision will be final
  • The National Equine Forum Organising Committee will not enter into any discussion about the shortlist or final decision
  • Your nomination must be received no later than midday on 31 July 2019

Nominations for the Sir Coin Spedding Award 2020 have now closed.  The winner will be announced at the 28th National Equine Forum on Thursday 5th March 2020.