Memorial Lecture


Memorial Lecture

The Sir Colin Spedding Award is presented each year to an exceptional unsung hero or heroine. Any individual or organisation from any equestrian field in the UK is eligible, as long as their outstanding qualities have not been formally acknowledged elsewhere.

To celebrate the Sir Colin Spedding Award and those who have received it, we include a Memorial Lecture within the programme.  Lectures can be given by the winner of the Award, or by someone with a connection to them, and it does not always take place in the year subsequent to the Award being presented.  See links to past Memorial Lectures below.


30th National Equine Forum, Thursday 3rd March 2022

30 years of equine breeding and a look to the future
Tullis Matson, Managing Director, Stallion AI Services Ltd & Cyogenics Ltd
Tullis' presentation will be added to our You Tube Channel in due course


28th National Equine Forum, Thursday 5th March 2020

Multi-agency collaboration in equine welfare cases
Kirsty Withnall, RSPCA Inspector, RSPCA Special Operations Unit
Kirsty's presentation can be found on our You Tube Channel, here
Kirsty's question and answer session can be found here
Kirsty's podcast can be found here 


27th National Equine Forum, Thursday 7th March 2019

Advances in Farriery During My Career
Dr Simon Curtis, Farrier, Newmarket Farrier Consultancy
Simon's presentation can be viewed on our You Tube Channel, here.
Simon's podcast can be found here


26th National Equine Forum, Thursday 8th March 2018

Equine Emergency Rescue; Managing Risk - Meeting Societal Needs
Jim Green, Animal Rescue Tactical Advisor, Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service; Director and co-founder, British Animal Rescue & Trauma Care Association
Jim's presentation can be viewed on our YouTube Channel, here.
Jim's podcast can be found here.
A summary of Jim's presentation can be found here.


25th National Equine Forum, Thursday 2nd March 2017

The role of the Thoroughbred Health Network in the UK
Dr Tim Parkin, Head of Division of Equine Clinical Sciences & Clinical Director of the Weipers Centre Equine Hospital, University of Glasgow
A summary of Tim's presentation can be found here.


24th National Equine Forum, Thursday 3rd March 2016

The changing nature of the equine disease threat facing the United Kingdom
Dr Richard Newton, Head of Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance, Animal Health Trust
A summary of Richard's presentation can be found here.