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Just in Time - Using Science to Save Our Breeds

The first special interest webinar in our series preceding the 29th National Equine Forum (#NEF21) was entitled "Just in Time - Using Science to Save Our Breeds", and took place on Wednesday 13th January 2021. Please scroll down for more information.

Delivered by industry leaders, this webinar will take the audience on a journey to understand how many of our breeds are facing decline, and what needs to happen now in order to safeguard the future. Opening with a fascinating look at how the extinction vortex has impacted the natural world and how it applies to our equine breeds, the webinar will continue with a close look at the challenging situation of inbreeding in Thoroughbreds. The next two speakers will showcase how focused research using DNA analysis can provide breed societies and breeders keystone support to guide decisions that can increase effective populations. This will be endorsed with a case study to show proof of concept that breeds in decline have a chance to be saved when genomics and kinship analysis are utilised.

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Just in Time – Using Science to Save our Breeds Programme
Just in Time – Using Science to Save our Breeds Programme

Tim Brigstocke MBE

Chairman, National Equine Forum


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Prof Tim Morris

Vice Chair, Rare Breeds Survival Trust


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Tullis Matson

Managing Director, Stallion AI Services


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Simon Cooper

Director of The General Stud Book and Company Secretary, Weatherbys


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Paul Flynn

Head of Research and Development, Weatherbys Scientific


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Dr Andy Dell

Trustee and Member of The Breed Committee, Cleveland Bay Horse Society


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