Additional Information from Dr Andrew Hemmings

The 27th National Equine Forum on Thursday 7th March 2019 saw Dr Andrew Hemmings deliver a presentation entitled “Equine Stereotypical Behaviour: a head-first approach to management and training. The three papers below provide additional reading and information from his presentation.

An alternative use for equine research – the use of equine brain-based findings to teach us more about human mental health: article available via Horse & Hound online here.

The full paper on opioid receptors “Causal and functional interpretation of mu- and delta-opioid receptor profiles in mesoaccumbens and nigrostriatal pathways of an oral stereotypy phenotype” in Behavioural Brain Research, can be found here. Andrew says it’s for those who like a challenge!

The abstract from this final paper, in Applied Animal Behaviour Science, provides a useful review for the broader applications of equine behavioural neuroscience from a welfare perspective and can be found here.