Don’t miss the National Equine Forum 2023

What: National Equine Forum (NEF)
When: Thursday 2nd March 2023 from 10am – 4.30pm
Where: London and live streamed

While face-to-face tickets are now in very short supply for the National Equine Forum, 2nd March 2023, it will be live streamed again this year, giving everyone the opportunity to purchase a ticket and enjoy the event.

The programme and full speaker details are available to view now. Both face-to-face attendees and live streaming delegates can submit questions quickly and easily via Slido from 27 February 2023.

A first-class mix of topics will cover industry advancements in science, health, welfare and sport, delivered by highly knowledgeable and engaging speakers comprising government ministers, leading vets and industry professionals.

The Equine Industry in a Changing World will include contributions from Defra, as well an update on health, welfare and traceability initiatives and the public perception of equestrianism.

Opportunities and challenges for the future of the equestrian sector will include an update on the BETA National Equestrian Survey, as well as factors implicating grassroots access to riding, which will include case studies exploring how it is possible to establish a riding school in the current climate.

Equine health update will include the latest information on infectious diseases and the launch of a new anthelmintic resistance initiative.

How to tackle unwanted behaviours will explore the science behind how horses and humans learn, why horses behave in the way they do, and how behaviours can be changed. It will centre on a case study of how learning theory helped one horse and rider partnership get back on track.

The roles and responsibilities of influencers will involve representatives from leading equestrian print, online and social media discussing the role of the media.

There will also be two brief topical discussions including the launch of the Equine Fitters Council and discussions about the development of RAMP (Registered Animal Musculoskeletal Practitioner). There will be a special interview with Charlie Thornycroft on her volunteer work with British Equestrians for Ukraine Fund and the winner of the Sir Colin Spedding Award will be announced.

Picture courtesy of Claire Evans Watkin